Agtech – it’s a revolution!

Over the last two hundred years, Australia has become a major producer and exporter of agricultural products and in 2017 agricultural growth was 27.6% overtaking the traditional driver of the Australian economy – mining.

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Defence in the age of disruption

As Australians remember the catastrophic losses of brave soldiers without a hope 100 years ago at Fromelles and Pozieres, it pays to recall that it was Second Industrial Revolution which changed the face of war for the 20th Century.

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3 ways women can boldly embrace disruption

Women in tech, communications and all matters digital understand that the pace of change is astonishing. They lead disruptive and disrupted organisations; explain disruption to their teams, customers, families and friends; and champion disruptive products, services and solutions.

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How is disruption transforming government service delivery?

Governments around the world recognise disruption presents them with the opportunity to become more efficient, effective, “open, participatory and innovative” (as outlined by the OECD Recommendation on Digital Government Strategies) and also offers massive cost savings as summarised in the Digital Government Transformation Report by Deloitte.

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Why is the Pace of Change Getting Faster?

The rate of change today is the slowest you will ever experience. It’s true! Think about how much things have changed this century, now imagine how vastly different things will be by 2025.

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