How great innovations are transforming how we work, live and play

Disruption is all around us with extraordinary change transforming how we work, live our lives, and define ourselves. Individual processes through to whole industries are being challenged and reinvented with profound implications for us as individuals and for companies, government and our economy. This dramatic change is occurring at an unprecedented pace and will be ongoing.

The proliferation of devices, hyper connectivity and supercomputing all support new modes of operation, delivery, scale and global reach and offer the prospect of improved productivity and prosperity. While disruption may be driven by new business priorities, customer expectations and government policies it is technology innovation and its increasing pace, which is the principle driver for disruption.

The focus of The Disruption Digest will be digital innovation and making it easy for busy leaders in business and government to more easily understand the nature of this change.

The Disruption Digest will explore the drivers, characteristics, exciting opportunities, real world challenges and consequences of disruption. And encourage leaders to think expansively and optimistically about this revolutionary change.

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed” – William Ford Gibson

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Suzanne Joy Campbell

BA Sydney, MLib UNSW, GDipIB Sydney, GAICD

With more than 25 years of IT and telecommunications experience, I have been privileged to work in senior roles at Telstra, MCI Worldcom, Unwired and KAZ and to lead teams to establish, restructure, rebuild, transform and grow domestic and international companies to deliver significant results for our customers.